Top-notch Interior Design Apps: Streamlining the Way We Design and Decorate


In the fascinating world of interior design, technology has opened up an exciting new frontier. The revolution in interior design apps is changing the entire scene. Today, we have an array of brilliant apps right at our fingertips, making the process intuitive, interactive and incredibly rewarding. Ranging from small touches to full-scale renovations, these apps ease the entire process, offering a host of impressive features.

Floorplanner: Creating Your Dream Space

If you’re looking to recreate your space digitally, Floorplanner is the app for you. This dynamic app is intuitive, user-friendly and it makes sketching floor plans a simple task. The 3D viewing capabilities of Floorplanner are unrivaled which makes it a popular choice among designers and homeowners alike.

ColorSnap: Revolutionizing Color Selection

Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap Visualizer app is an innovative tool to choose paint colors. The app allows you to upload a photo of your room and apply different paint colors to see how it will look. The ColorSnap app ensures you’ll never need to deal with paint swatches.

Houzz: Consolidating Ideas, Shopping, and Professionals

Houzz is a comprehensive all-in-one app that not only gives design ideas but also acts as a shopping platform and a connecting point with professionals. From finding the perfect decor pieces to contacting local professionals, Houzz is an effective consolidation of interior design resources.

Chairish: Virtual Staging Made Easy

If you have ever wondered how a piece of furniture would look in your space without having to physically move it, Chairish is the app for you. Chairish’s augmented reality (AR) feature allows you to visualize selected furniture in your home before you decide to buy.

Havenly: Personalized Interior Design Suggestions

Havenly stands out among the multitude of design apps with its ability to offer personalized design suggestions based on your style preferences. You can even book a consultation with a professional designer through the app, bringing your design dreams to life.

Morpholio Board: Ideal for Mood Board Creation

Morpholio Board is a mobile-first app ideal for creating mood boards. Offering a vast selection of furniture, fixtures, and decor pieces, this app is excellent for the conceptual stage of design planning.

MagicPlan: Detailed Floor Plans and 3D Models

A powerful app that helps in creating detailed and dimensionally accurate floor plans, MagicPlan can also generate 3D models. From estimating costs to planning electrical connections, MagicPlan offers an all-in-one platform for interior design projects.

Pinterest: Endless Inspiration

Pinterest is an ever-enriching platform for interior design inspiration, filled with creative design ideas from around the globe. Whatever your style or preference, Pinterest has countless examples and inspiration to spark your creativity.

IKEA Place: Seamlessly Integrate IKEA Products into Your Design

Looking to integrate IKEA products into your design? IKEA Place blends AR technology with an extensive furniture catalog, providing a realistic visualization of any IKEA product in your space.


With the help of these stellar interior design apps, the process of designing and decorating is elevated to new heights. They grace the perfect blend of technology and functionality, making the design process a truly enjoyable experience. Whether you’re planning small changes or comprehensive redesigns, these apps offer an array of tools and inspiration to help you create a space that’s uniquely you.

Bold strokes in interior design are empowering us with the revelations that these top-notch design apps provide. So, let’s embrace these digital aides and create living spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also harmonious reflections of personal style.

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