The Ultimate Guide to the Best Room Design Apps for Breakthrough Interior Innovations

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Top Ranked Room Design Apps
  3. Detailed Features of Each App
  4. How to choose the Perfect App for Your Needs
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Conclusion

Furnishing a new space, or redesigning an existing one, can be both a creative venture and a formidable task. The right instruments can create a world of difference in unlocking your creative potential. Presenting to you the ultimate room design apps that act as the perfect partners in your interior design endeavours.


In a time when convenience and practicality are key, employing digital tools have proven to be indispensable. And what better way to utilize them than to redesign your living space!

Top Ranked Room Design Apps

Here are some of the best room design apps that serve as your digital interior decorator.

  1. Houzz
  2. Havenly
  3. Homestyler
  4. Planner 5D
  5. SketchUp
  6. Amikasa
  7. DecorMatters
  8. Room Planner
  9. HomeByMe
  10. MagicPlan

Detailed Features of Each App

Described below are some of the detailed features of these cutting-edge room design apps:

  1. Houzz: A robust app with the largest online collection of home improvement ideas. This app not only lets you shop with augmented reality (AR), but it also provides tools to draw up floor plans.

  2. Havenly: Known for its user-friendly interface, Havenly offers professional advice from interior designers, thus transforming your designs into a reality.

  3. Homestyler: Provides a 3D visualization of your room design along with a community of design enthusiasts for sharing and gaining insights.

  4. Planner 5D: A comprehensive app providing both 2D and 3D views with an AI-powered interior design experience.

  5. SketchUp: A professional-level app with advanced design features and a 3D warehouse to find an unlimited collection of models.

  6. Amikasa: Offers striking 3D walkthroughs of your redesigned space ensuring you make no mistakes in your plans.

  7. DecorMatters: An app that uses AR to let you visualize your design in the actual proposed space.

  8. Room Planner: One of the best apps for creating room layouts and floor plans. It also provides a 3D visualizer tool.

  9. HomeByMe: This app lets you create a 3D blueprint of your room design idea and helps you accurately plan your space.

  10. MagicPlan: Emphasizing functionality, MagicPlan offers an efficient way to create detailed floor plans.

How to Choose the Perfect App for Your Needs

However, what is the best room design apps for one may not be for another. When picking the right room design apps, consider elements like their feature robustness, user-interface, quality of their design library, and the nature and scope of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do Room Design Apps Work?
  2. Are These Apps Compatible with all Platforms?
  3. What are the Price Ranges?
  4. What Other Features to Look for in Design Apps?

These are some typical queries often raised by users.


Designing a room certainly demands effort, time, and creativity. Today’s room design apps are well-equipped to cater to these needs, offering an array of features that make the design process not just feasible, but genuinely enjoyable. Be it creating floor plans, choosing color themes, or a 3D visualization of your space, these apps provide all the tools necessary to bring life to your design.

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